The Development of GPS Navigation

Currently, the GPS navigation and positioning has been widely applied in all fields. Satellite navigation and positioning industry represented by GPS has become one of the eight internationally recognized wireless industries and the third new IT economic growth point after the mobile communication and internet.

Now there are various GPS personal tracker and GPS and GSM tracking items on the market. And the car navigation is the pillar industry of the satellite navigation and positioning technology.

The car navigation is a new technology developed recently. It’s an important part of the ITS. As a kind of hi-tech product combining GIS, positioning, communication and embedded software and hardware technology, car GPS navigation has achieved great success and gain many benefits in Japan, Europe and America after years’ development.

The early navigation industry

In the early 21 century, GPS is only owned and used by some people in China. There’s no complete navigation electronic map covering the whole country. What’s more, the consumers are prevented from purchasing by the high price.

The development of navigation industry

With the development of IT technology, there’s increasing possibility that people get close with the GPS navigation products. With the development of car industry in China, the GPS navigation products are greatly developed in design, function and usability. The navigation products are increasing expected by consumers as they come with navigating, multimedia and business office function.

Instant interactive navigation

The concept of instant interactive navigation is proposed while there are various navigation products in the heated navigation market. The consumers will not only be attracted by the packaged additional functions, but require more about the navigation itself of the technology products at a certain stage of its development.

Shinco has made a long term program for the advancement of navigation in the early time. Seven years ago, they started to go in for the development of GPS technology based on the laboratory in American Silicon Valley, Hong Kong development center and state-level research center.

Shinco pioneered the idea of the instant interactive navigation. The TMC (Traffic Message Channel) function is the main feature of the instant interactive navigation. The car navigation device can receive the real-time traffic message automatically by the communication interface, match the message with the map, help the drivers change the route and get around the traffic jam and lead the drivers to the best route. Thus, the instant traffic message will be sent back to the drivers timely.

There are similar real-time traffic products on the market. However, the Shinco GPS launched this time converts the instant traffic message by the means of connecting the users to TMC information stage with GPRS communication network. As the feedback and upgrading of instant message are realized by the Shinco GPS, the navigation route will be optimized and there will be less possibility of the traffic jam. Of course, the drivers can arrive at the destination more quickly.

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