Telemarketing Service – Do You Know They Can Supercharge Your Sales Effort? Learn How to Hire One

A telemarketing service works by contacting your potential customers on the phone. These services can help your business build and expand your client base and generate sales leads. Find the right telemarketing service and it can significantly increase the profitability of your sales and marketing campaigns.

What are the Benefits of Using Telemarketing Services?

Telemarketing services provide you with several benefits. In addition to reaching out to prospective clients and helping you to expand your client base, they save valuable employee time and financial resources spent on technology and personnel investments. The cost of an offshore service is about 25 percent less than a service in the United States. Savings effected by outsourcing telemarketing can be used to improve your overall business productivity.

Functions of Telemarketing Services:

  1. Integration of effective business sales processes with your companys’ current focus.
  2. Mining of company databases.
  3. Generation of qualified leads through cold calling and follow up on Web-based, television, or mass mail marketing campaigns
  4. Improve brand awareness and brand promotion.
  5. Fixing appointments for demonstrations.
  6. Provision of an in-bound customer service problem resolution resource for your customers.

Telemarketing Service Hiring Considerations:

Before you hire a telemarketing service, carefully evaluate your requirements, available budget and expected call volume. Then consider the following aspects prior to hiring a telemarketing service:

Location: Ask your service provider if the telemarketing company is located within or outside your country. An off-shore service provider is cheaper but may have agents that are not highly Helium hotspot proficient in English or may speak with an accent..

Call Volume: Some service providers have a minimum call volume requirement. Ask them whether your call volume meets that requirement. Also, inquire about the number of sales representative that your business needs to accommodate its call volume.

English Speaking Abilities: For offshore services, assess the English-speaking and comprehension abilities of the offshore service staff.

Knowledge: Telemarketing service staff should have excellent knowledge of your product and the market.

Reporting: To enable you to evaluate its effectiveness, the telemarketing service should provide you regular reports on customer satisfaction, type of sales, and revenue. Many telemarketing services use Web monitoring to allow you to assess the effectiveness of the campaign. Services also provide a telephone monitoring system so that you can listen in on calls to evaluate service and staff quality.

Professionalism: Call center representatives should project themselves and the service in a professional manner. They should be trained to mirror your companys’ culture and its business approach.

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