Secrets to Having a Healthy, Longer Life

Living longer is what most of us want to achieve in life. We want to stay longer on Earth so we can still meet our grandchildren or great grandchildren and oversee their growth and development. The question now is, “How could you live longer”. According to a statistical report, the average death of a person ranges from age 70 to 80 and unfortunately as early as the age of 40. Most people especially men encounter health problems such as high blood level, arthritis and diabetes. All these health problems are results of unhealthy living and life style.

Would you like to know the secrets to living a healthy and longer life just like some people who reached more than 100 years old? Isn’t it cool to live longer or even reach an age of 114 years old just like Ms. Kama Chinen from Japan? What could be their secret to living a healthy life?

Below are some tips that you should know in living a healthy, longer life.

Tip 1 – Exercise
– Make it a habit to exercise regularly. Set some time to stretch, exercise and move around. A 15-minute or 30-workout everyday is enough for your body to remain healthy and fit. If you can set time to go out with friends in bars then surely you can allocate time for yourself to exercise. If you are busy with work like many other people and got not time to go to the gym then you can look for affordable yet effective fitness equipment for you to use in working out at home. You can even use the equipment while watching your favorite movie or TV show.

Tip 2 – Eating Right
– Eating the right kinds of food is really, really important. You should remember that not all food that looks good and tastes good are healthy. Choose healthy foods like fruits and vegetables and avoid eating a lot of meat and other foods that are rich in bad cholesterol. Make it a habit to partner your meal with green vegetables, whether it is for breakfast, lunch or dinner. If you couldn’t get your hands off on foods that taste good then try finding good, alternative foods which is low in carbohydrates and fat content. There are some restaurants that offer healthy foods where you and your family can dine in.

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