How to Lose This Belly Fat – For the Life of Me

Is losing weight really a matter of life and death? Well for some it could very well be, especially when you look at the long haul. Maybe, if you don’t make the change right now it will not matter, for a while. Eventually though it will take its toll on a person. Not to mention feeling like heck in the mean time.

Typically the majority of so called dieters are losing weight for one reason or another. It could be they are getting married or are going to be in someone’s wedding and want to look nicer in their dress. For others it could be that they want to lose weight for the upcoming summer, so they will look good in their two piece bathing suit or be able to lose those man boobs so you can take your shirt off at the beach. For some it could be a vow to lose x amount of weight so they can get back to the weight they were at when they were a senior in high school. then they will look good for their high school reunion. What ever the case is, it seems as though everyone wants to make dieting an event but not a life style change.

Usually after these diet events the vast majority of these folks go back to the status quo. However, some, because of the great feeling that they get from losing that belly fat, along with the added energy, do decide to make it a life style. In other words sometimes their event mentality takes a turn for the better and they actually internalize this action that they have taken and make it a life style. One that I might add is a turn for the better.

This group of individuals tends to sleep better, have a better out look on life and have more energy then when they were in their late teens and early tweens. They have more stamina and potentially can live longer then the event dieters. lets face it, for a good portion of us we were party animals and hardly ever ate or slept so really its not that big of a feat to feel better and sleep better then you did when you were in your teens and tweens. Oh, I’m sorry a Tween is a person that is in their early twenties, still acting like they are in their teens. hey, my wife gets on me all the time and tells me to grow up or she will take ESPN away from me. Wow, that would really bite.

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