Go Horizontal Or Vertical? Secrets of Effective Online Press Release Distribution

Online press releases are one of the most effective promotion methods to get the word out about your business. But it’s not enough to simply write an informative press release. It’s also important to ensure that your optimized news release has adequate distribution and online staying power. Those goals require having an effective press release distribution strategy in place – long before your release hits the Web.

Your PR distribution strategy should start with answering two VERY important questions:

  1. Web PR distribution: horizontal or vertical?
  2. Who are more important: reporters or customers?

Now you may think, Internet PR distribution can’t be that black and white, it’s more gray. Well, sure, you’d like to have everything, but that’s not how it works. There is a reason we call them “target” audiences.

Let’s tackle horizontal vs. vertical online PR distribution first. And the best way to illustrate the difference between the two is with a few examples:

  • Selling online = horizontal
  • Reaching a business to business audience = vertical
  • Targeting a specific industry sector (like technology) = vertical
  • Geo-targeting a specific region: city, state, or country = vertical
  • Appealing to multiple regions and countries = horizontal

With online PR distribution, you can even adopt a horizontal vs. vertical perspective when it comes to targeting reporters or customers…

  • Reaching local business community and media reporters = vertical
  • Reaching customers directly = horizontal

The reporters vs. customers dynamic will also impact the decision on which press release distribution service provider you select. Some are better for reaching customers directly via search engines, while others do better with journalists covering a specific topic. (Often via emails sent directly to a list of reporters on that topic.)

Distribution of optimized press releases: the one-to-many benefit

The distribution of optimized news releases is a real time saver. You upload a release to an online PR distribution provider and it’s sent out via RSS feed to thousands of web sites, journalists and media sites.

Press release distribution reality check: this is NOT the press release of old.

In the old days, the phrase “press release” was a fitting term, since the news was being distributed to those who powered newspaper printing presses. But in this age of New Media, “news release” or “media release” are also used to more accurately communicate how news is being spread by a variety of media: television, radio, magazine, and Internet.

News releases are no longer just a collection of words on a page. They can also include video, audio, and images, as well as connections with social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, and LinkedIn. In fact, you’re likely to find that bloggers will distribute your news faster than a newspaper ever will.




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