A Life Coach Question – Is Your Focus in Life Making You a Victim of the Economy?

As a life coach I work with people everyday who dream about one day doing what they want with their life. As I have discovered, the Drunk Monkey (your mind) is a “coach” that can not help you bring about the desires you want. 

It is a life survival machine. Its job is to protect you from possible destruction. Therefore, it is totally addicted to the news. The news organizations have realized that sensationalized “truth news” hooks their viewers Drunk Monkeys.

The news has no commitment to truth. It has a commitment to making money which means “selling advertising”. The more viewers the news organizations have, the more money these companies make. Clearly, there is a natural pull towards the sensational verses the truth.  

“All opinions are vanities and have no intrinsic value and are actually the result of ignorance” says Dr. David Hawkins in his book The Eye of the I.

If you are going to feel good in life and make the best of the current economy, then you are going to have to give up your addiction to the news and your opinion about the news and the “truth” everyone keeps rattling about.

When you focus on what Obama is doing or which bank is going under, you move out of your center. These could be important factors in your decision-making about what strategy would make the best of this economy.  Yet, to become evangelistically opposed to stuff you got no control over is only negatively impacting your own psyche.  

If you listen to yourself and your friends talk about the news, you will hear yourself and others giving their opinion about things that make no difference and things they have no control over.

What do you want in life?

Where are you going?

What can you do?

What actions can you take now?

Who do you need help from?

What is a miracle you could take a stand for occurring?

To put your focus on these kinds of questions will make a profound difference. Even as a coach faced with all the media, I ask myself this questions.




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