Wife Swapping is Hot News Right Now

Married couples, singles and everyone in between can take part in wife swapping, but why is it that sexy single women have all the fun?

There is a saying that says that men go out and hope to score while women know if they’ll score. With the wife swapping lifestyle it is exactly the same – sexy single women get to have all the fun. So why is it that the sexual gods favour hot single women? Is it because instead of raising kids, like married woman, they go out to party or is it because they still have a sexy physique?

I personally think that adults want to take part in the wife sharing lifestyle with sexy single women because it allows them to enjoy uncomplicated and fun swinging with no strings attached.

Sexy comes in small packages

There is a conventional belief that swinging is just for couples, whether they are married or not. If we look at the history of wife swapping it was married men in the US air force that started this phenomenon by having sex with the wives of the pilots that died in the war.

In this way men became accustomed with the concept of sleeping with another woman who’s not married.
It’s the year 2007 and men are still horny and looking to sleep with sexy single women. Now they can do so without cheating on their wives. The only difference from the 1950’s is that they choose to follow this wife sharing lifestyle and it’s not circumstances like war that leads them to it.

Wife sharing – a powerful tool

There are a few places where you will see the sharing of power between married couples more evidently than in the wife swapping society. Instead of married women having to find out that their husbands are having affairs with hot single women, they can now take the power into their own hands by joining the swinging lifestyle.

For these women it’s not all about pleasure but also about power. Nothing is more powerful for them then having their husband watch them have sex with someone else. But women aren’t stupid either and because husbands are jealous creatures by nature, married women prefer single women to single men.

It’s a win-win situation that keeps both parties happy. A large percentage of women in the Uk are Bi and this also brings up the demand for single women to participate in this sexy lifestyle. Single women who are bisexual see swinging with another woman as safe; because the other female is safely locked-in to a marriage.

Clubs score money with the lifestyle.


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