Americans Are Unwilling to Spend $ When it Comes to Protecting Themselves & Family – Not Good News!

“Were spending $1 million an hour to enhance safety and technology — Toyota “

I am inclined to to think that I feel safe now whether a passenger or driving the vehicle. This is a tremendous security slogan of advertising by Toyota of what they’re willing to spend for the safety of allowing the public the best technology towards their safety. However, this made me think that it is very unfortunate that the average American is unwilling, to spend any money when it comes to protecting themselves or family lives in their apartment, home, office, automobile, or out in the public arena of the world.

What momentary price would you put for yourself or your family members? $1 million would not be too large of a number-would it? Then spending $700 or less would only be a drop in the bucket to protect them as they walk down the street, ride in their car, or alone in their apartment or home. Some crime prevention items are only $15 and can protect your wife or daughter from someone breaking in the door of their home. The bottom line is to become educated as to what is available for purchase so all the members of the family can be protected whenever possible.

No we can’t spend $1 million an hour to protect our self or are family. Being safe at home, being safe in your apartment, being safe at your office, and being safe in your automobile should be at the top of your list of necessary expenditures. You must take personal responsibility and be proactive against crime in our society. Please think about it and act accordingly. You and yours want and need to feel safe now in your day to day living.

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