Everything That You Should Know About Corsets

Before the advent of brassieres, corsets were the only undergarment available for supporting the bust. After disappearing from the prominent fashion circles for a brief period, designers and fashionistas have revived the fashion of wearing in the recent years. Although most of the modern day are still inspired by the historical design, they are more attuned to meet the sartorial demands of the new generation women.

Under bust vs. over bust corset

Corsets are worn to accentuate the curves of the body. If you are embarrassed by your not so perfect underweight or overweight body, by correcting the imperfections in your bust and hip sizes a corset can restore your pride in your physical appearance. An over bust corset, that covers the body from the underarms up to the hips, is as fashionable as an under bust corset that sheaths the torso from below the breast down to the hips. When you stand in front of the mirror dressed in an under bust or over bust corset you will be in total awe of your sexy makeover.

Steel boned corsets

Corsets are designed to suppress the waistline to give the body an hourglass like shape. They acquire their stiffness from the built-in boning material. Steel boned are typically made of either nylon coated spring steel or galvanized spring steel. They can give the perfect support to your waist and are the best garments for improving the posture. Twelve flat steel bones are integrated in a cotton body to give the corset its stiff elegant form. A steel boned corset can be worn as outwear, eveningwear, undergarment or lingerie. You can tighten or loosen the strings at the back of the corset to improve comfort.

Plastic boned corsets

A corset with plastic boning should be the preferred choice of women who would love to replace their sexy lingerie with a corset. They are ideally suited for women who are reluctant to carry the weight of heavier steel boned corset and want to move their body freely. The flexible plastic bones of the corset will hardly alter the shape of your waist. They are usually cheaper than the steel boned.



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