Popular News Series – BP Bearing Huge Damages Due to Oil Leak

Oil from a deep-sea well belonging to British Petroleum, a major producer of oil in UK has spilled over Gulf of Mexico. This oil spill has resulted in huge losses for the British petroleum giant BP. Therefore, this company is spending huge amounts to clean this oil leak. This oil leak cleanup has cost this oil giant almost 2.65 billion dollars so far. BP has spent an amazing amount of 300 million in the last 3 days for controlling the damage caused by this oil spill. This company is now spending almost 100 million dollars per day to get rid of the mess created by the oil spill in Gulf of Mexico.

BP also had to shell out some amount as a compensation for the fishermen who have been affected by this oil leak. This amount has been to the tune of 128 million dollars. As result, the shares of this company have crashed immensely. It had almost reached the lowest stock price of 298 pounds in almost 14 years. However, it has reversed this share price fall. The shares of this company rose by almost 1.5% or 4.6 pounds on Saturday. This rig explosion happened on 20 April and the stock price fall has caused company to lose an amount of 60 billion dollars in its market value. This disaster has been so huge for this company that it has almost half of the market value of its shares. More details please visit:-https://junyuanbags.com/ https://topgunsshop.com Technologies-news.com

UK Prime Minister David Cameron has also planned to discuss this situation with US President Barrack Obama. This company plans to almost double its caliber for drawing out the leaking oil from the broken deep sea well. However, it has fears that its efforts will be stalled by a storm. Even President Barrack Obama has not been favoring the company. Since the leak has caused so much loss for the British shareholders of the company, they have been urging Cameron to defend the company in front of President Obama.

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