Big News For Arizona Drivers – No More Leniency For Not Having Insurance

Newsflash for Arizona drivers! According to reports of a recent legislative session Arizona is cracking down on drivers hitting the roads without insurance.

The bill known as HB2224 passed recently and came into effect October 1 this year, meaning trouble for any driver who is looking to get from place to place without proper insurance for their vehicle. In the past most penalties or fines for driving without insurance that went to court were either reduced or thrown out entirely. The new bill however does not allow any dismissal of a fine should you be found to be driving without insurance. This means trouble for anyone who has gotten away in the past and was hoping to continue getting away in the future. More details please visit:-

A first offense under the new bill can lend you a hefty $720 fine with a $970 fine for a second offense at a $1200 fine with a one-year license suspension for a third offense. Like many states to be allowed to drive again once you have had your license suspended due to driving without insurance you must also file and carry an SR22 documentation form proving your insurance coverage both presently and for three years in the future or your license may remain permanently suspended.

If you’re one of the many drivers out there who has been driving without insurance up till now, now maybe is a good time to seek out affordable insurance providers to help you find the coverage that you need. Without full coverage of the basic minimum amounts you run the risk of potentially losing your license and facing large fines that will far outweigh the costs of any insurance payment you may have to make each month.

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