How to use Economic News For IIM MBA GD-PI Topics

One of the crucial aspects of preparation for the IIM
GD/PI round of admission test is a good
understanding of the economy.

Now you only need to know whats happening in the
economy and dont have to be an expert at
economics which is a separate field of study itself,
unless you are a Commerce or Economics graduate.
The most burning issue facing non Commerce
candidates such as engineers and arts graduates is
understanding the basic information of the
economy. Here are some tips that may help. More details please visit:-

1) Break down the economy: Prepare smart- that’s
the key. First break down the economy into its
components. You can start by focussing on 15 topics
– Construction, Exports, Foreign Exchange,
Agriculture, etc…identify 3 topics from each 15 to get

2) Don’t immediately read the Editorial section: Most
people choose to start by going into the heavy duty
editorial section. That is best for those who have
been following the issue for some time and already
have a good idea of the issue. Start with your 45
chosen topics and skim through the newspapers to
identify the 3 most latest news related to that topics

3) Now you have 135 pieces of information on
specific areas of the economy. Now all you need to
do is prepare these 135 pieces of information and get
a group of 5 people to conduct mock GD and
Personal interviews. Ask your mom or dad to
supervise to make it serious and add that element of
pressure to perform well

Through repetition you will hone your skills and be able to remember the topics that you have selected without having to keep written notes. Do remember to practice as that will drive down that information to long term memory.

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