The Latest News on Cultured Or Man Made Diamonds

When we talk about man made diamonds we’re not talking about the popular CZ gemstones that are sold in cheap silver settings, nor are we referring to the quality faux gems that often get crafted into designer jewelry items but may be anything from glass to a rhinestone-like stud, even set into white or yellow gold, or used in celebrity replicas to look-like canary yellow or pink diamonds. We’re also not talking about moissanite, because it’s silicon carbide. In this case we’re talking about diamonds that are chemically and physically real diamonds created in laboratories instead of mined from the earth. It becomes confusing when terms are not clear, because there are words like simulants and synthetic diamonds that may be used to refer to a variety of items that may even include cubic zirconia and moissanite and can make finding real lab created diamonds difficult to find, especially online. But a diamond is a “diamond” based on testing chemical properties and conductivity. Those that test positive as diamond material are indeed physically the same as a mined diamond and are graded as any other diamond would be. Nevertheless since man made gems of this variety are often colored, it’s sometimes possible to tell a mined gem from a “lab created” one, since the color in a lab diamond may be more intense, although in every way is a genuine carbon diamond. More details please visit:-

Gemesis Yellow Orange Gems and Apollo White Diamonds

Although there are several companies involved in the creation and selling of these products, it’s difficult to talk about the latest news when it comes to this technology without mentioning one of the pioneers – Gemesis. Although best known for the yellow and orange gemstones, there is another company called Apollo that now offers white, or at least almost-white, diamonds. The thing is that the price difference isn’t much lower than a mined diamond. For example, Apollo offers a pair of diamond stud earrings, with about a half carat of diamonds, actually.48 carat total, in two gems that have G/H color and IF/VVS clarity, which cost just under $1,000. In their Wedding Day Collection, and other series of readymade jewelry, even designer creations, the items must be special ordered and therefore it’s difficult to know the price of, say a diamond solitaire engagement ring or wedding band, without placing an order or contacting Apollo directly to inquire about the specific item. The images that Apollo offers as examples of its jewelry, it must be said that the diamonds look beautiful and the creations are elegant.

NEA Laboratory Grown Diamonds

NEA is another company that specializes in man made diamond gemstones. They have been known for their blue and yellow diamonds, however they recently have added a white or near-colorless gem to their inventory, although the price per carat isn’t exactly a bargain at $1,600. Now, what gets a little confusing about shopping for actual jewelry at NEA, although they have some lovely creations, like white and blue and yellow diamond engagement rings, is the fact that the images you click offer a basic ring in say white gold. The price, over $890 does not seem to include a central diamond gem. That must be bought separately. So a one carat white diamond at $1,600 plus the white gold mounting makes a simple solitaire ring rather pricey – about $2,500. While that may be slightly cheaper than a mined diamond ring, it doesn’t exactly make it affordable or competition for someone who only has $300 or $400 and can get a CZ engagement ring in white gold. However, in all fairness we must state that the jewelry offered by NEA using white, yellow and blue man made diamond gems is incredibly beautiful and tastefully crafted, and the gems are absolutely gorgeous. There are earrings and rings and lots of jewelry items that are not the least bit affordable but are definitely breathtaking, equally as enthralling and tantalizing as the mined gems that have been coveted and traded for centuries.


While we’re on the subject of rare stones and man made gems, and things that cost a fortune, it brings to mind tanzanite – yes, that very rare rich blue-purple zoisite stone. Almost as expensive as diamonds (sometimes more), the gold tanzanite rings, which are for sale online and on shopping networks and at fine jewelry stores, are fetching prices that astonish. The question is why?

Unlike diamonds, tanzanite is mined in only ONE part of the world – Tanzania, Africa. It is also rumored that supplies are dwindling. Naturally this makes the gem more desirable. Therefore prices soar.

While on the subject of man made and laboratory created gems, I’ve discovered that there are some excellent tanzanite ring replicas, in other words cubic zirconia stones that mimic the unique blue of this stone.

If blue man made diamonds are out of reach and a ring with a genuine (Tanzanian) tanzanite is also far from your budget possibilities, then try a simulated design, which may incorporate a CZ tanzanite gem. Just make sure that even when you buy faux stones that they are set in quality sterling silver or gold so they will last longer.

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