Energy Antidote to Fear Prompted by Watching the News About Japan’s Nuclear Disaster

In this article I will give you a simple inner alignment meditation that you can do anytime you feel anxiety, fear, or a sense of doom as a result of hearing frightening updates about the nuclear reactors in Japan.

Three is a collective consciousness of fear of nuclear disaster that hums in the background around our planet – but it is usually kept in check. There is usually a sense of a norm that allows other things to occupy our minds. But when the news is filled with updates of radiation leakage from nuclear reactors, that hum starts to throb and it can easily set off an emotional meltdown.

Whether you feel overwhelmed with compassion for those who are in the thick of it, or fear for your own life and that of your lived ones, now is the time to commit to your vision of a joyful journey on this planet. More details please

But how do you hold to a vision of joy when faced with images of smoking nuclear reactors, images of devastation, and news of more to come? It’s hard to make that leap. We need a stepping-stone between the feeling of doom and the feeling of light-hearted joy. We need an adapter, a connector, some way to more easily move ourselves energetically from resonance with the problem to resonance with the solution.

The Pure Heart of Creativity

In the same way that you can pivot on your feet and change the direction of your journey, and you can move your eyes and change the direction of your gaze, you can also move your thoughts and change the direction of your manifestation.

When events in the world are extreme, it can be easy to cave in and feel defeated but there is an error in that logic. It’s going backward round the circle. (Like if you tried to track time by going counterclockwise, two o’clock would come before one o’clock and you would not show up for one appointment on time.)

Let me explain. If you let world events determine your thoughts, your outlook and your emotional state, then you are letting what has already manifested determine your state. This is going counterclockwise round the manifestation clock.

But if you recognize that your thoughts create your reality, then there is no disaster big enough to interfere with your clockwise motion from consciousness to manifestation. By committing to your knowing of the forward motion of creative thought, you can do more for this world than all those who are walking in the opposite direction, looking outward to find what is inside of them. You, by taking the time to look inward first, create your world from the pure heart of creativity.

Inner Alignment Meditation

  • Sit upright and close your eyes.
  • Imagine yourself standing looking at the problem.
  • Imagine the problem becoming somewhat transparent like an apparition.
  • Imagine yourself walking through and past the problem.
  • When you are on the other side of the problem continue to walk forward. Move toward the image of a beautiful earth. Let the desire of your heart for the earth and its people guide your steps.
  • See the flowers blooming, the sky bright and blue. See children laughing. Know that you have the power to create this reality.

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