Natural Gas and Oil Well News Across the United Kingdom

The natural gas revolution has just embarked on in the United Kingdom; the Cuadrilla Resources started its drilling venture sited at the Blackpool tower, the Blackpool tower is four miles away from the Cuadrilla Resources. An examination is performed and a comparison is done between the geological reports of the Dorset and the Isle of Wight with the large yielding Barnett shale, of the Texas. The general manager of the operations group of the Cuadrilla Resources Mark Miller told that, it consists of natural gas and they are planning to extract those resources at cheap rate and the company will take necessary measure to extract it.

A novel deep water drilling projects near the Shetland Islands was granted permission by the Government against the legal dispute with Greenpeace. The Department of Energy and Climate Change is to ready to declare its opinion about the deep water drilling venture and the group of environmentalist are afraid because of the disasters that took place in the Gulf of Mexico. The Chevron, the United States based company will stand first for getting permissions to explore the oil wells and when the officials of the Department of Energy and Climate Change has raised questions about the decisions made by the Government. More details please

The Greenpeace began a fresh campaign with the help of the swimmers to take immediate actions over the Chevron-chartered ship. Stena Carron, in an auction declared to, put an end to its journey towards the Shetlands, Shetlands is the place hoped to be drilled on the Lagavulin prospect. Ben Ayliffe, the spokesperson of the Greenpeace declared that they are going to stretch the campaign against the administration of the David Cameron and they are marching towards the court to get a judicial review. Ben Ayliffe condemns the government’s decision, the government has furnished fresh permits for drilling and he claims that the government has to be more cautious and should learn about the disasters in the Gulf of Mexico before making any decision regarding deep water drilling.

The recent news in the United Kingdom is about the permission granted to the Chevron by the Chris Huhne, the Secretary of State for the for Energy and Climate Change for the United Kingdom. It has received more than 16 thousand emails regarding the risky oil spill that took place in the Gulf region recently and huge protests was taking place against the government’s decision, for permitting the Chevron for deep water drilling. George Monbiot, the Secretary of State for Climate Change in the United Kingdom told that, measure should be taken to find out new oil and he stressed that they could not afford to burn the oil.

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