Keep Up to Date With the News While on the Move Thanks to News Corp and Apple’s iPad

The big problem with any newspaper was that are invariably out of date before they even hit the new stands even if it is a local paper. For a frequent foreign traveler, accessing up to date information through local sources was a real uphill struggle until the earliest forms of laptop computers began to arrive in the mid nineties, and they were only really efficient if an internet connection could be found.

With the advent of WiFi technology and its increased availability, communication for people on the move took a massive leap forward. The next great breakthrough was the arrival of 2G mobile phones, with Apple’s iPhone being the undoubted leader of the pack.

Steve Jobs, the iconic CEO of Apple saw the future of communication for the high powered traveler in the iPad. Jobs’ vision for the iPad was a lightweight, totally wireless tablet computer providing a platform for a wide range of audio-visual applications, including newspapers, specific business publications, entire novels, magazines as well as online games, a vast music library as well as full access to the internet. More details please visit:-

Weighing in at less than a kilo, and measuring 250 mm x 150 mm, the iPad ideally fills the gap between a lap top and a mobile phone both in terms of usability and outreach. Taking into account the make- up of an international average day, the iPad has battery power that a lap top owner can only dream about, providing a minimum of ten hours of power before requiring a recharge. For those travellers who will need more, there are back-up batteries readily available that weighs in at around 150 grams and measures just 90 mm x 54 mm. Keeping a back up battery around is the soundest common sense as they cost just a few dollars and are guaranteed to retain their power for a full thirty days while being available on standby.

Control of the various iPad functions as well as keyboard access is by way of Apple’s patented multitouch display virtual onscreen keyboard, setting it apart from the few other tablet computers on the market, which use a more cumbersome pressure-triggered stylus.

With so much going for it, it really is no wonder that statistics show that the Apple iPad had cornered more than 90 percent of the market in tablet PC sales since its launch in the spring of 2010 with sales already reaching over ten million for the year. Predictions are that more than 25 million iPads will be sold in 2011, with large corporations, medium to small companies as well as private owners being among those who will be adding an iPad to their shopping list.

The expected explosion of iPad popularity in the coming years has caused the global media to re-shape their thinking, and many traditional print publications will soon become subscription only applications geared towards iPad users only. One of the leading movers and shakers behind the digital print revolution is none other than media mogul Rupert Murdoch who has just launched The Daily (exclusively on iPad) is expected to launch digital versions of most of his leading print publications over the next few years. The Daily will be ad-free and available on a subscription basis.

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