Self Improvement – Information is Power – Improve Information Flow With Upgraded Google News Alerts

For those of us who are informationally inclined Google has bettered their best efforts in delivering us their news. Now when you take Google News Alerts you will not only get the latest articles in your carefully chosen topical key-words, but also you will now see pictures that accompany these articles or even logos of the companies in the news that are involved in the stories that are in your list of articles.

Why is having pictures on Google News Alerts so cool? More details please visit:-

Well, you might be asking what is so innovative about pictures accompanying the articles that are in your Google News alerts and you could say that they are irrelevant. However, you will have to admit that the new visual presentation is very cool and it breaks up the monotony of a whole bunch of text. Indeed, it is a visually appealing, but the pictures also tell a story about the story and help you decide if the article presented is really something you wish to learn about or click on to get your daily information.

How do Google News Alerts Work?

Well, first you go to Google’s News Alerts page and put in your email address plus the information that you wish to receive. Google scans the internet, blogs, news and whatever else you deem appropriate and its special algorithm gives you the information by email. Here is the web link to sign up:

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