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The Universe as we know it, see it and experience it, is not all there is. The Universe is always in motion – it is a vibrating, pulsating, resonating, magnetizing force and at the molecular level everything is in motion. It is pure energy.

What we are talking about here is the pure formless substance of the Universe – we can think of this in spiritual terms as God, Higher Power, Spirit or the Universe, or address it mentally as Infinite Intelligence, Universal Mind. Or if we’re brave, we can take a giant leap into the area of quantum physics, where it is known as the field of all possibilities.

That Power – however you conceive it – is the source of everything we desire. It is awaiting our recognition and will create, attract, guide us to inspired action, magnetize and mold itself to whatever form we desire if we align ourselves with it through law.

Mental and Spiritual Laws

Law? There are laws with which we are familiar. We know that there are laws of physics, laws of chemistry, etc. But most people are not aware of the mental and spiritual laws that govern our very existence. Or we may know something about them but don’t know how to relate to them or how to use them. When we were born, no one gave our parents a manual on the laws of the Universe to hand down to us. More details please visit:-

So how do we know these laws exist or that this Power exists (aside from any intuitive feeling that it does)? We know because of its responsiveness and the results we experience when we align ourselves with it.

So how do we align ourselves with it? We connect with this Power, this creative force of the Universe, within, through the channel of our subconscious minds. The subconscious mind is the most fantastic computer you could ever imagine. It keeps our heart beating, our lungs breathing, and has perfect memory of every cell in our body. It has also recorded and stored everything that we have ever heard, said, felt, and experienced. Unfortunately, that includes all of that “faulty programming”, all of the acquired beliefs and negative patterns from others that we have acquired from the time we were very young through our lifetime.

Our thoughts and our feelings, our deepest beliefs are the key to connecting with the Power that responds to our desires. But first we must break through and overcome the negative thought patterns and beliefs that we have acquired since childhood.

Now, in answer to a recent query…does it ever go away? No, it doesn’t. We cannot delete this information from the subconscious perfect memory like we can with a computer. However, here is the good news…

Invisible Means of Support

The subconscious mind does not like to change and will create resistance. But there are techniques and methods for influencing the subconscious in a way that does not create argument. I call this “friendly persuasion”. We gently shift the consciousness to create a new dominant thought in the mind.


The dominant thought in our subconscious is what determines our circumstances. So we must shift our consciousness to a new dominant thought. When we do so, we then open ourselves to the influence of the creative power of the universe – our “invisible means of support”.

The following excerpt from my program will help explain this:

“The subconscious mind acts on the dominant thought therein. The repetition of positive words will eventually replace negative patterns in the subconscious, which block our success and limit our income and our good.

If we persist in adding clean water, drop by drop, into a bucket of muddy water, eventually we will end up with a bucket of clean water. The good news is that we don’t need to completely fill our mind bucket; the dominant thought is all that is necessary for the subconscious to respond and create our desired result. So we don’t have to completely eliminate the negative thoughts. 51% positive and we get the golden ring.

I know you are asking, how long will this take? I believe it will depend upon how diligently you apply the techniques and use positive words. And just as importantly, how carefully you monitor yourself so that you don’t counteract the good mental work you are doing. If you asked a taxi driver to take you somewhere but gave him two addresses, where would you end up? Certainly not at your destination.”

Lesson One, The Spoken Word
Feel Free to Prosper

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