Ways on How to Flirt With Your Wife

To save a marriage, sometimes you need to start from scratch and woo your wife all over again. Better yet, stop thinking of her as a wife for now and start treating like her as the attractive and lovable woman that she is. Flirt with her the way you did in the old days. Granted, the idea may seem a bit awkward, but the tips below will help you snag your “first” marriage date with your spouse.

Look your best.

The sleepy, tousled hair look may have been a hit when you were in your prime, but it’s different now and you may need to put more effort into looking good. Thankfully, grooming essentials for men are pretty much basic compared to what women use when they primp. For the basics, a long hot bath would do. Scented soap and shampoo isn’t necessary, but they do help especially if they have the same brand and use the same scent. Match this with the same scent for your cologne and after shave or deodorant and you’ll smell better than you’ve ever been. Oh, and by the way, the application of the same scent with various products is called layering: it ensures that you remain smelling fresh all day long.

Additional grooming products you could use are mouth rinse and maybe some styling products for your hair.

Also, don’t rule out a trip to the salon. Yeah, yeah, you may say ‘men don’t do salons, we go to the barber’ but it’s time you get rid of such old school views. The salons are just as good at cutting men’s hair and they can even make your sandpaper-rough hands and feet feel soft to touch if you want.

The point is to do everything necessary to look your best. It doesn’t prove you’re vain. Rather, it means you’ve gone to all these lengths just to impress her and because you want her to be attracted to you.

Don’t get impatient.

Women take a long time to prepare themselves. Well, okay, most – not all – take a lot of time to fix themselves. That’s okay. They’re doing it for you, you know. So instead of grumbling and making other irritating noises like the usual, just wait patiently for your wife to come out of the bedroom. Take pleasure in the fact that you have a lovely woman inside and out doing her best to look even prettier because she’s excited to go out with you.

Don’t be thrifty with compliments.

Now that you’ve seen your wife dressed to the nines, do react appropriately by complimenting her appearance. Try to notice if there’s anything new or different about her. It’s a challenge for men, yes, but it’s something that would please your wife so much. Has she had her hair cut or styled? Is she wearing a new dress or shoes?

Now, if you’re totally shocked at her transformation then don’t just grunt out your surprise. Let her bask in your reaction! Go all out and say ‘wow, you look amazing’. Also, don’t just use words to flatter your wife. Use eye and facial expression and bodily gestures. Slowly look your wife from head to toe then back again. Let your eyes feast upon your wife’s beauty. Let her know you’re savoring every inch of her. Then when your eyes finally meet hers, let them tell her just how much you appreciate the fact that you’re married to her and you’ve the rest of your lives to spend at each other’s side.

Let your wife and everyone else know you’re proud to have her.

Jealousy and too much possessiveness are technically negative emotions, but in some ways, they can also add spice to a relationship. When you go out with your wife, consider teasing her a little about being jealous over the attentions she’s getting from other men. This is not to make her head big but to simply let her know and feel that you’re not taking her for granted.

You can also show you’re proud to have her as your wife with the way you act. Put an arm around her shoulder or hold her hand while walking together. Keep her close at all times and act courteous and chivalrous by opening doors and pulling out chairs. Don’t forget to take the outer side when strolling!


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