Preparing for an Important Cycling Race

4 Weeks Before the Race.

4 weeks before the race is a good time to draw up a clear training schedule, which is geared towards peaking for the main race. In this period training should take priority over races. For example, you should not worry about racing after interval training during the week. You can’t peak for every race.

Type of Event.

The training will be geared towards the distance of the race. If you are preparing for a 10 mile time trial, the most effective training will be riding 10 mile time trials and interval training. In this interval training you will be riding at a threshold just above 10 mile pace. This will get improve top end performance.

One Week before.

In the week before the race, the most important thing is to taper for the race. this means reducing the time spent training, leaving you fresh for the big race. Tapering doesn’t mean you have to reduce the intensity; it means reducing the volume and time spent training. For example, in the week before the race it is still advisable to do interval sessions; however, this session could be the same intensity but half the usual time period.

Tapering is one of the most helpful things you can do. In the week before a race, it is not possible to increase your fitness – that has to be done in previous weeks.


Equipment should be tested properly in the week before the race. It is not advisable to make last minute changes on the day of the race. From bitter experience, I know this can create problems.

Day before a Race.

In the day before a race it is helpful to ride for an hour or so. This helps prepare the body for racing. A complete rest in the days leading upto the race, can sometimes leave you a little stiff and unprepared.

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